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Service Agreement

On the one hand, the real and/or legal person to be referred to as the Customer in the following articles, and on the other hand, the address to be referred to as the Hotel, is ELEGANCE CAVE SUITES – GÖREME ÖLMEZ HAVACILIK TURIZM TIC. LTD. STI. (GAFERLI MAH. AYDIN KIRAĞI SC. NO:2 GOREME / NEVSEHIR); these parties, hereinafter referred to as the Parties; consider that this contract is an official offer, it includes all conditions for the provision of paid accommodation, all the conditions stated below are binding (conclusive) for the parties, it is available on the website http://www.elegancecavesuites.com and cannot be changed by the customer, have concluded the contract within the framework of:


1.1. Pursuant to this contract, the Hotel is obliged to provide the accommodation service at the Hotel upon the request of the Customer (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Service’).

1.2. With the confirmation of the reservation, the Customer; will confirm that he has been informed about the accommodation rules, reservation rules and tariffs of the hotel.

1.3. From the moment this contract is concluded, the Hotel will confirm the Customer’s request.


2.1. It can be made by calling the reservation line at +905360604605 or as specified in the reservation link on the https://www.elegancecavesuites.com website.

2.2. In case the customer wishes to terminate his request or make any changes, she/he can apply to the Hotel’s Reservation Office at +905360604605 or send an e-mail to info@elegancecavesuites.com and request a change by specifying the date on which the change is desired.

2.3. If the customer wishes to terminate his request and receive the remaining amount of his fee after the deduction; must cancel their reservation at the latest 14 days before the date of stay. (Article 4.1)

2.4. The customer is required to inform the hotel at the latest 14 days before the check-in date to request a change in the reservation. (Article 2.5)

2.5. Reservation changes (number of people, room type) will be made at quota prices in accordance with the conditions of the requested day.

2.6. With this agreement, the Customer accepts, declares and undertakes that if she/he makes/desires to make changes in the reservation during the registration period during which the special discount is applied, for any reason, the reservation will be made by taking into account the prices applied at the time of confirmation of the reservation change request.


3.1. The customer will enter his credit card information into the system during the payments made by credit card through the Online reservation system.

3.2. The Hotel may request the full payment or a certain amount of prepayment from the Customer at the time of reservation. The customer will make the reservation payment by credit card in one shot or in cash.

3.3. The hotel accepts and declares that the credit card information and the system in which the information is presented are under the protection of a special security system that prevents the information from being seen or copied in any way and in any way. At the same time, the Hotel will not cover and in no way be held responsible for the damage caused by third parties learning information, documents and secrets due to harmful programs and similar program systems originating from the Customer’s computer and the customer’s carelessness.

3.4. When the customer arrives at the hotel, she/he will present the credit card used for the payment during online reservation. Responsibility for the losses / damages that will arise from the failure of the customer to fulfill these responsibilities will belong to the customer.

3.5. The customer will receive the invoice at the hotel.


4.1. If the reservation is canceled ‘14 days or more’ before the check-in date, the total amount charged will be refunded to the guest’s bank account or card. If the cancellation request is received ‘14 days or less’ before the check-in date, the guest’s accommodation fee will not be refunded; No Show will be applied to the entire amount.

4.2. For payments made by credit card, the refund will be made by making a deposit back to the credit card from which the payment was made.

4.3. The Hotel does not apply ‘No Show’ to the Guest in cases such as force majeure in the cancellation of a reservation: natural disasters, terrorism, attempted action and documentable death (1st and 2nd degree relatives), accident and illness (full-fledged hospital report).

4.4. For payments made by credit card, the remaining amount will be refunded after deducting the transaction fee and commission.

4.5. If the customer chooses to leave the Hotel, with her/his own will, early before the check-out date agreed in the reservation record, the fee for the day he did not stay will not be refunded.


5.1. At the time of check-in, the Customer has to declare her/his identity/passport. The Customer shall bear the expenses incurred due to the Customer’s false information.

5.2. The customer accepts that no matter what time she/he arrives at the hotel, he will settle into the room as of 14.00 (02:00 PM) at the earliest and that she/he will check out at 11:00 at the latest, and that she/he will pay the cost of the additional services.

5.3. The entire accommodation fee or the balance after prepayment will be charged at the time of check-in.

5.4. Pets will not be accepted by the hotel.

5.5. If the customer gives up the service (early departure) for any reason other than the Hotel’s failure to fulfill its accommodation commitments, the payment will not be refunded.

5.6. The customer declares that she/he will not use cigarettes and other tobacco products in the room during his stay.


6.1. In the event that the customer is provided with poor quality service, the customer shall notify the hotel representative of his/her complaint in writing during his stay. Otherwise, the service provided by the Hotel will be deemed to have been provided perfectly and on time.

6.2. In the event that the Customer violates any article of the contract, the Customer agrees and undertakes to cover any damages incurred by the hotel as a result of the breach.

6.3. In the event that the guest behaves in a manner that disrupts the hotel’s order, the hotel has the right to request the guest to leave the hotel without any refund.

6.4. Visitors from outside of our guests staying at the facility will not be admitted to the facility. If the guest is approved, the daily usage conditions are applied for a fee for the incoming visitor.

When disputes arising under this contract need to be resolved, the competent court is ‘Nevşehir Courts’.